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When the Covid-19 was discovered early this year we took the decision to not jump into a the PPE market, we look at this as something that will be around for a long time and maybe for the rest of our lives. In the future new viruses will appear and probably more frequent than in earlier years.

During this months we have spent time to find the correct partners to work with.

Factories and suppliers in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. We are also working with the 3M system and distributors. We have private sellers offering large quantities of stock on the ground.

At the moment we have an incredible amount of requests for Nitrile Gloves. We are working with the worlds largest producers of Nitrile Gloves, but we are in constant need for more gloves. If you have gloves, we have clients!

We are in this to help people world wide, and we will do everything we can to ensure that the products we are delivering is original and of top quality.

This week we have launched a new website

On the website you will find basic information about our services.

All enquiries should preferably be made to Subject: PPE

Contact by phone:

Spain: +34 634 996 396

United Kingdom: +44 7845 004900

Norway: +47 40 120 100

You will also find us on social media.

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